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*Description Wire Air Hoist w/ Pendant, 60KG or 125KG, 3M Rc3/8          The compact, light-weight AT-60K hoist combines the high speeds of wire rope hoists (up to 77 ft/minute) with the high durability of chain hoists. These hoists are ready for operation right out of the box; just connect lubricated air. Can be mounted on air trolley or manual trolley - by request.

Rated Load: 60KG/132LB

  • Conical brake and rotary vane motor design
  • Pendant control for precise variable lifting and lowering speed
  • Low headroom - approximately 14 inches (356mm)
  • Chain size: 4 x 12 mm, 11 links per 132 mm section of chain
  • Lift Height: 9.8 feet (3 meters). Chain extension available.