Overhead Crane Inspection & Preventative Maintenace services

Overhead Crane Inspection & Preventative Maintenace services

Brennan Jacobs Inc. is a proactive organization we are looking forward to providing inspection services that increase your equipment’s reliability and performance.

Brennan Jacobs annual compliance inspections:

Detailed documentary reports on your equipment include a rating for each item indicating OK, Replace/Repair, Adjust, or Not Applicable.

Our inspection was developed from our years of experience in the industry and our interpretation of the appropriate ANSI, CMAA, HMI (mhi.org), and OSHA codes.

Should we find any faulty parts and/or discrepancies relative to our interpretation of the aforementioned codes, only upon your authorization will we expend any labor and/or materials for correction.

If any needed repairs are found during inspection which constitute a Safety Hazard, they will be brought to the attention of the shift supervisor before we leave your premises.

Additional Inspection options include:

OSHA (j)(4)(iii): Standby cranes shall be inspected at least semi-annually in accordance with requirements of paragraph (j)(2) of this section and paragraph (m)(2) of this section

OSHA Preventative Maintenance requirements 1910.179 L1

OSHA Monthly Chain, wire rope & hook inspections requirements- 1910.179-J2 (iii & iv)

OSHA Trained / Qualified operator requirements – 1910.179B(6) see Definitions A(35)

OSHA Slings / Rigging certification– 1910.184(e)(3)(I)