Your 20- to 30-year-old equipment may work fine today, but what if it breaks down? Do you still staff a specialist who can troubleshoot and repair it? And do you have all of the necessary MRO parts to support that repair? If not, does the vendor still have the resources if all else fails?

There’s also the day-to-day challenges that legacy systems bring: they’re not flexible, they’re prone to nuisance shutdowns, they use too much energy, and more.

Or perhaps it’s safety. Are your employees purposely bypassing a safety system to keep production moving? Does your decades-old machine fall short of current safety requirements? Regardless, nobody wants a worker to suffer an injury knowing it could have been prevented.

As many facilities plan to maintain operation for 40 to 60 years despite the 30-year lifespan of most electrical equipment, it is becoming increasingly important to have reliable systems in place.

System Safety. Cost Savings. Availability of Parts.

Examine runways for compliance with CMAA compliance.

Rebuild or upgrade bridge cranes and runway systems.

We can perform or assist with load testing and have over 270,000 lbs of engineered test weights.