Brennan Jacobs is able to help you with all your parts needs. If you are in heavy machinery, including Overhead Cranes, Hoist, Winches or Tool Balancers, and you need parts to keep your business running, e-mail or call 615-461-5152.


Wire Rope Assemblies

We supply both OEM, Aftermarket and Custom Wire Rope Assemblies.
Aftermarket crane parts can offer you cost saving alternative with out compromising safety. Call or e-mail us for more details.

Pendant Stations

We provide all types of pendant stations, Pendant parts, pendant cable and accessories


All Kinds of Brake Parts – Shoe Brakes, Disc Brake, Electric, Hydraulic, Electo-Sheer


Squirrel Cage, Induction Wound Rotor, Inverter Duty, Dc, We also provide control components ad whole control panels.